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Workplace Violence to Cyber Threats – We cover them all.

Escape the Wolf provides corporate clients with a unique combination of robust capabilities not offered by other security companies. Our highly experienced professionals work closely with clients to customize solutions that enhance security or resolve gaps and shortfalls.

Physical And Cyber Threat Assessments – Stay one step ahead. We provide comprehensive asset vulnerability evaluations of the entire security framework from facilities to cyber security. We don’t just identify risks; we red team and blue team your entire program.

Crisis Management Policy Development – Policy drives workforce best practices. Our seasoned security professionals and legal team ensure corporate crisis management policies are current and meet all federal, state and local laws. We also design and develop policy specific to your corporate requirements.

Curriculum Design and Workforce Education – Real world security knowledge for challenging environments. Our courses provide capability not familiarization. We tailor and develop to your requirements, then deliver. Our bench of experts will ensure your personal security and safety. We custom build your curriculum; then educate your workforce.

Country and Regional Threat Reports – Intelligence that matters. Our reports are customized to your needs based on regions or countries of interest. We provide current and reliable THREAT reports without all the fluff. Escape the Wolf’s reports provide exactly what you need to stay ahead of the wolf.

Special Assignments – Customized counsel for senior executives. Our subject matter experts work closely with senior leaders to prevent compromise of competitive intelligence, espionage, and trade secret theft both domestic and abroad. These services are rapidly becoming a requirement for Fortune 1000 companies.

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