THREATs of the Week for April 7, 2017

Escape the Wolf has developed an easy-to-remember acronym, THREAT™, that has become the framework for educating students, employees and personnel. THREAT represents all major safety and security obstacles lurking in today’s environments. THREAT standardizes learning, increases information retention and applies to both physical and cyber domains.

THREAT breaks down into the following specific areas, enhanced with news from the past week:

Technical Threat: Toys

People are after your kids, people. With a slew of robot and technology toys coming our way, a new wave of threats will soon be on our doorsteps.

See how CloudPets maker Spiral Toys left children’s voice recordings and account info exposed, allowing hackers to steal and ransom user data.


  • Do you buy technology toys for your kids?
  • Do you fear nanny cams?
  • How are you protecting your family and home from these threats?


Health: Mosquitos and Zika

Mosquito-borne viruses have been making news this past year, with Zika leading the way. Now we’re learning that one in 10 pregnant U.S. women with confirmed Zika infection in 2016 had a baby with virus-related birth defects. Mosquitos are no-kidding deadly.

Thankfully, there’s some technology coming our way to help diagnose mosquito-borne viruses in minutes. In areas affected by such viruses, this rapid detection will help medicos to quickly treat and prevent their spread.


  • Are you investing in cutting edge technology companies?
  • What are you doing at home and on travels to protect yourself from mosquitos?


Raids, Robbery, Ransom: Sexual Assault

From HuffPo, this alarming and sad statistic: “Every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. That means every single day more than 570 people experience sexual violence in this country.”

This is not just women, it’s men too, and children, and it needs to stop. Check out the stats and what you can do to learn more and help at


  • How are you protecting yourself from sexual assault?
  • What do you think is the biggest influencer on sexual assault in our culture today?
  • Are you comfortable discussing sexual assault at home or in the workplace?


Environmental: Tornado Season

“Tornadoes break out in 3 states; 100 million in path of severe weather. At least nine tornadoes struck in three states overnight, and on Thursday the severe weather threat is expanding…”

When tornadoes come, they come hard and fast. But you can and should be monitoring for tornadoes if you’re going to be an a tornado hot spot. And remember, while tornado season is typically March through June, we’re dealing with Mother Nature here. She’s not all that predictable. So…

The Red Cross has a tornado alert app.

The National Weather Service will send you severe weather alerts. will send you severe weather alerts.

Here are maps and tornado season data – keep this info handy:

Stay smart and safe. Don’t chase tornadoes. Give them the respect they deserve.


  • What are your tips for surviving a tornado?
  • What’s it like being in a tornado in your home or shelter? What did you learn from that?
  • In your experience, what’s the most reliable weather alert system for travelers?


Agency: Hacking Trade Groups

U.S. trade group hacked with Chinese software ahead of Xi summit. What better way to bone up for your upcoming Mar-a-Lago summit than to get a deeper understanding of U.S. trade intel?

Fidelis Cybersecurity reports that the Chinese APT10 hacking group placed malware on the Events page of the US National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) website. This malware opened Scanbox, which is a scanner and keylogger. Just a recon by the hackers, but nefarious nonetheless.

It’s long past the time when we can trust the websites we visit to ‘protect’ us. If they’ve been hacked, they don’t even know it! Have your company give us a call, and talk with folks like Palo Alto Networks, they give malware a run for it’s money.


  • What are you doing about malware protection on your phone, personal computers, family devices?
  • How ‘secure’ are you willing to go? Did our recommendations last week push you just one step too far?
  • Seems like China does this a lot. Should we ‘do something about it’, or aren’t we doing the same or more to them?


Terror Threat: Daesh

Daesh kills 33 execution-style in Syria and 22 people in Iraq attack. CNN published good intel on this attack and Daesh’ decline in strength over the past 6 months. Backs against the wall. But this remains a dangerous and unpredictable group. Use care in your travels to neighboring regions.

And this – Sweden.


  • Is Daesh deterring your business travels?
  • Are you locked in your phone when you’re walking about, or do you maintain good PERSEC?


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