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We bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with monthly personal security lessons. Advice from seasoned good guys and debriefed bad guys providing tactics for you – to create a more secure you.

 What do we do? We provide original offensive and defensive tactics that will give you an edge against threats. We gather information from Special Operations Personnel, SWAT Officers and Detectives. We debrief Murderers, Rapists, Hackers and Thieves – collecting their dirty tricks. Then, we provide security lessons straight from wolves’ mouths.

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 Our lessons will enter the minds of professional and convicted predators. Cyber, Home and Business – Data Theft, Active Shooter and Rapist. Whether you’re a mom, college student or professional – you will benefit from these lessons.

 Full Access: All previous, present and future security lessons will be available to you. As our community grows, your access to new membership privileges will be automatic.

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 Your Membership ensures our veteran and active Sheepdog writers continue to provide you this service (and, of course attorney fees to debrief criminals behind bars). Thank you for your partnership.

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