Government Solutions

Government Employee and Force Protection Solutions

Escape the Wolf provides government clients force protection doctrine and education solutions. Our highly experienced professionals work closely with government security forces and military units to enhance security or resolve gaps and shortfalls.

Physical And Cyber Threat Assessments

We provide comprehensive vulnerability evaluations of the entire security framework, from physical to cyber. We use red teams of hackers and special operators to test and probe your security.  We don’t just identify problems; we red team and blue team your entire program to show exactly where you’re at risk.

Crisis Management Doctrine Development

Doctrine drives Standard Operating Procedures and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures. Our seasoned security professionals and legal team ensure force protection doctrine are current. We can also design and develop doctrine specific to your facility requirements.

Crisis response team
Curriculum Design and Workforce Education

Curriculum Design and Workforce Education

We provide real-world security knowledge for today’s challenging environments. Our courses provide capability, not familiarization. We tailor and develop security and crisis management curriculum to your requirements, then educate your workforce.

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