Photo Trap

THE app for fast and easy intrusion detection

With Photo Trap, you can easily determine if your environments have been disturbed or changed. Simply put: you can check if someone has been messing with your stuff.

Clint, Photo Trap inventor and Escape the Wolf Founder and CEO, demonstrates the Photo Trap. Simply take a before and after photo using the app and it will show you whether anything has changed. In the video, you’ll see that someone walked on the grass, and their feet left indentations to indicate their path.

With Photo Trap, two photos is all the proof you’ll need

In this video, Clint shows the minute differences of screw patterns on the back of a laptop. In this case, you’d know that someone had probably opened your laptop, so you’d need to take appropriate action.

Thanks to the comparison engine in Photo Trap, you can clearly see the differences in the two pictures.

Take Your Before & After Photos

Photo Trap helps you spot changes, even minute differences, within your environment to let you know whether something has changed. It could be the level of liquor in a bottle, the arrangement of clothes in a dresser, or the screw pattern on a laptop.

Your ‘Before’ Photo

With Photo Trap, take photos of your surroundings. Your ‘Before’ photo becomes your baseline.

Load Your ‘After’ Photo

After you return, take your ‘After’ photos with Photo Trap. The app will display both photos in rapid succession repeatedly, allowing you to see subtle differences in the placement of items. 

Photo Trap Helps You Spot Changes

Photo Trap is far more accurate than simply taking before and after photos. A regular camera won’t help you find subtle changes because it can’t accurately compare the small details that you may need to see.