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Escape the Wolf. Bridging the Gap.

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We bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with preemptive security solutions. We empower organizations with custom policies, procedures and workforce education that mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability. We want you to be more confident, more aware, and ultimately more secure.

Products and Services

We provide capability not familiarization through award winning computer based training. Learn awareness techniques, threat detection, threat avoidance, and escape tactics from your laptop any time anywhere.

Get Educated. We provide security references with unique and proprietary techniques to “check your six.” Learn what the elite employ in order to elude and defeat oncoming threats. Don’t be a victim, get smart, and prevent surprise.

Our THREAT Intelligence provides the ground truth for the road ahead. Escape the Wolf’s THREAT portal provides travelers with mobile access to critical intelligence.

Patented, Navy-SEAL designed travel products protect cell phones, laptops, RFID latent and digital assets from data/identity theft and tracking!

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