We offer security solutions for corporations, educational institutions, government agencies…and YOU.

Escape the Wolf

We bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with preemptive security solutions. We tailor security policies, procedures and workforce education to your needs to mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability. We want you to be more confident, more aware, and more secure.


Security Solutions for YOUR Team

Your business, institution, agency or office needs and deserves the best security possible. And that security needs to fit your specific requirements. We provide security solutions for corporations, schools and the government. We’d like to talk with you about your needs and concerns.


Traveling Overseas?

Learn to recognize, assess and avoid threats from common crime, illness, natural disasters, corporate espionage, and even terrorism. Once available only to defense contractors and government employees, Escape The Wolf is the one thing that every serious world traveler needs to pack.

Workforce Education

Prepare your workforce with custom-designed workforce education campaigns on cyber and mobile device security, workplace violence prevention, active shooter, pandemic protocol and many other vital needs.

Security Products to Help You Move Safely
At Home or Abroad

PHOTO TRAP: Intrusion Detection

PHOTO TRAP: Intrusion Detection

With Photo Trap, you can easily determine if your environments have been disturbed or changed. Simply put: you can check if someone has been messing with your stuff.

Zero Trace™ Security Products

Zero Trace™ Security Products

Protect cell phones, laptops and digital assets from data theft and tracking. Our Navy-SEAL designed travel products use innovative electromagnetic shielding to provide the highest level in digital protection.