Is your business, your school, your city prepared for a breach, crisis or disaster?

Escape the Wolf Security Assessment


We test your security posture using criminal tactics to reveal security vulnerabilities for both physical facilities and cyber networks. Escape the Wolf provides a complete assessment of corporate buildings, private estates and associated information technologies and networks.

Our differentiator? We conduct all assessments from an adversarial point of view, acting as bad guys from beginning to end. Typical clipboard assessments are not good enough.

Escape the Wolf Disaster Policy


A crisis or disaster exposes an organization to significant liabilities, loss of reputation and may even threaten its very existence. The best crisis management programs anticipate worst-case scenarios, define appropriate chains of command, lines of communication, protocols and identify best practices.

We ensure response and recovery is ready to go, no matter what emergency is on the horizon, with custom built policies.

Escape the Wolf Online Disaster Training


We have an assortment of online training courses ready to deploy to your school, company or agency. Each course is designed to educate individuals on emerging trends in cyber security, travel security and other key areas. Escape the Wolf also develops courses specific to the needs of your organization.

Watch a sample course now that covers the topic of ‘Phishing’.

Real-world solutions that you can actually use

Escape the Wolf

We bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with preemptive security solutions. We tailor security policies, procedures and workforce education to your needs to mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability. We want you to be more confident, more aware, and more secure.

Crisis Management Solutions for YOUR Team

Your business, institution, agency or office needs and deserves the best security possible. And that security needs to fit your specific requirements. We provide crisis management solutions for corporations, schools and governments. We’d like to talk with you about your needs and concerns.

Traveling Overseas?

Learn to recognize, assess and avoid threats from common crime, illness, natural disasters, corporate espionage, and even terrorism. Once available only to defense contractors and government employees, Escape The Wolf is the one thing that every serious world traveler needs to pack.