About Us

Escape The Wolf is a crisis management and risk mitigation company that have been helping businesses and individuals prepare for crisis situations since 2008.

Clint Emerson, Escape the Wolf

Clinton Emerson


Clint Emerson is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with over 20 years of service, a New York Times best-selling author, and crisis management professional. Throughout his military career, he served in various combat zones executing high-stakes missions including against Somali Pirates, AQ Leaders, and other covert operations. As a operative within the elite group known as SEAL Team 6, Clint developed a strong foundation in intelligence collection, surveillance, and singleton operations.

Upon retiring from the Navy, Clint's passion for empowering others with lifesaving skills led him to create the '100 Deadly Skills' book series. By sharing his unique background and extensive knowledge, he provides readers with strategies to help protect themselves in dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations.

As the founder of Escape the Wolf, a crisis management consultancy dedicated to addressing risk for corporations and organizations, his distinguished background and relevant experiences make him a sought-after speaker and trainer for various organizations, including government agencies and private corporations. Clint is dedicated to promoting safety and educating the public by providing actionable information, emphasizing the importance of personal preparedness and resilience. His work has been featured in various media outlets, including numerous television appearances, podcasts, and articles.

Why Choose Us

Tale of the Wolf

Tale of the Wolf

Society consists of law-abiding citizens, or sheep, who are oblivious to potential threats, or wolves. 

Escape the Wolf trains clients to blend in with sheep and provides skills to escape the wolf.

Best of the Best Expertise

Escape the Wolf provides preemptive, holistic safety solutions for corporations, campuses, and government personnel. ETW transforms the “complex” into easy to implement end-to-end, customized security solutions.

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Premier Experience

Real-World Security Experts

Our team includes elite government operatives, defense personnel, law enforcement and security experts.

Because of our experience in the world’s most remote and dangerous environments, we understand the threats and we know how to avoid and mitigate the risks.

Relationships With Longevity

Long-Term Relationships

We have long-standing relationships with corporate entities, academic, and government institutions.

We provide sustained and evolving capabilities, not “one off” solutions offered by other companies. We will empower your employees and students to put every threat in check.

Holistic Solutions

Holistic Solutions

We provide innovative technology, security resources, a powerful education process, superior product integration, and comprehensive consultation – each with targeted end states.

We tailor our work to the unique safety and security requirements of each client to provide the most complete security solution possible.

Differentiators That Matter

The Difference

We create security plans that increase the safety of your people, support your strategic objectives and provide customized crisis management programs, policy and procedures, and an award winning workforce education.

With these systems in place, Escape the Wolf helps our clients grow and evolve safely and smartly.

We Help Businesses and Individuals

Minimize the impact of crisis by being prepared


Get access to effective and comprehensive crisis management program that provides organizations the tools they need for safety, resilience, and long-term success.


Learn survival skills for the big city and the great outdoors in The Ready Room. Get exclusive access to emergency safety courses, skills videos, private community and more!