Executive Summary

These are the challenges we resolve every day

In today’s market, growth is rapid, companies evolve overnight. Crises happen. Organizations are concerned. Yet unmanaged or nonexistent crisis management policies and procedures create massive liability.

These liabilities grow exponentially with every merger, purchase or corporate shift. Each passing day with outdated policies will compromise the entire company.

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Crisis management policies that fail to promote workforce safety and security education

Our process reveals corporate problems that increase liability and risk. We look at employee safety and security education programs. Are they governed by current policies and procedures that are developed and updated regularly?

Good policy drives education, training and standards. Good policy promotes workforce safety.

Corporate growth degrades unmanaged policies, procedures and training

As companies grow, their crisis management policies and procedures typically fall behind. Mergers, acquisitions or robust business shifts need responsive updates to crisis management policies.

Unmanaged policies increase liability exponentially and result in government regulatory non-compliance.

Corporate growth degrades unmanaged policies
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Corporations don’t have a dedicated Crisis Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Crisis presents itself in many forms, whether it’s pandemic or active shooter related. Corporations must identify individuals to effectively manage the crisis.

These individuals need to create a team responsible for facing the crisis head on. They need to ensure that lessons learned result in best practices.

Corporations lack effective crisis communication plans

Even an exceptional crisis management policy doesn’t work if not communicated properly. Most policies occupy shelf space but are never referenced during crisis or training.

Good policies drive workforce education and ensure employees are trained to current procedures.

crisis communication plans

Corporate safety policies and training that are not federal or state compliant

OSHA regulates and mandates employers provide safe and secure working environments. If policies and training don’t meet OSHA requirements, companies are vulnerable to heavy fines.

Escape the Wolf bridges the gap between crisis and the unknown.

Companies face these challenges every day. Threats continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Escape the Wolf bridges the gap between crisis and the unknown.

Customized crisis management program design. Policy and procedure development. And award winning workforce education.

With these systems in place, Escape the Wolf helps our clients grow and evolve safely and smartly.