Workplace Violence Policy, Best Practices and Beyond

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (Red Team)

We test your security posture using criminal tactics to reveal security vulnerabilities for both physical facilities and cyber networks. Escape the Wolf provides a complete assessment of corporate buildings, private estates and associated information technologies and networks. Our differentiator? We conduct all assessments from an adversarial point of view. Acting as bad guys from beginning to end. Typical clipboard assessments are not good enough.

Crisis Management Policy, Plans and Best Practice Solutions

Standard operating procedures and policies keep an organization running smoothly when business operates as usual. A crisis management policy and plan, like workplace violence, provides the same guidance when the unexpected happens. A crisis or disaster exposes an organization to significant liabilities, loss of reputation and may even threaten its very existence.

Crisis Incident Response Team Design and Implementation

A good crisis incident response team can make all the difference in your response to an emergency. We work with your organization to structure and train your teams. We make sure your key individuals are ready to handle a wide range of incidents. We prepare your organization’s critical incident response team to avoid and mitigate crises.