Home Invasion – Physical Upgrades That Make a Difference!

Home Invasion – Physical Upgrades That Make a Difference!

Predator: Henry D., Maryland State Prison System, Home Invasion.

Discussion: What can you do to detour a home invasion?

Storm Doors Increase Time On Target – “What always drove me bat shit crazy was locked storm doors, you know the glass ones that open outward. Anytime there’s an extra barrier at the back door or front door, no f#$%ing thanks.”

Specifically, storm doors are a better option than screen doors. Screen door mesh (to keep bugs out) can be cut; whereas storm doors are typically aluminum framed tempered reinforced glass doors with a residential 5 pin lock. Adding storm doors to your front and back doors can serve as a huge deterrent and force a bad guy to an easier target.

Cut Your Garage Door Opener Release Cable – “The easiest way into a home is through the garage. I use to use a straighten hanger to pull the garage door opener release cable from outside the garage. Those cables hang dead center, and about 2 feet away from the garage door. Just slide a hanger with a bent hook at the end in between the top frame and top of garage door and blindly hook the string, pull and presto, I’m in your house”.

All garage door openers are equipped with a release that disengages the garage door from the track of the opener, this allows you to open and close your garage manually. To prevent this tactic, simply cut the cord or remove the handle so that the hanger has nothing to “hook”. Keep your car keys in your home and lock the entry door to the garage every night.

Reinforce Your Door Frames with 2 ½ Wood Screws – “Donkey kicks are still one the best way to break a door frame. Except one time, I kick a door at least 6 times, hard as f@#k and decided to move on because it wasn’t budging. Most people think they need a good dead bolt – but that isn’t going to prevent me from kicking your door in. A reinforced door frame is what keeps me kicking with no luck”.

By replacing your hinge screws with 2 ½ inch wood screws and adding 6 to 8 more spread out evenly to each side of the door frame will prevent the door frame from breaking when kicked. Most intruders want to kick it once and get in. If they have to kick more than once or twice, their fear of someone seeing or hearing them forces them to stop and move on to easier targets.

Take time over the holidays to make some of these adjustments to your home and prevent guys like Henry from invading your home!

Escape the Wolf Predator Team

  • missileman120
    Posted at 01:33h, 14 December

    I just bought a new house, so I greatly appreciate the info!  My garage door release handle has now been removed.  Also, I just happened to have a box of 2.5″ wood screws laying around, so I replaced my hinge screws w/ them & reinforced the door frames this evening.  My back door has a window next to the dead bolt, which I think is a dumb idea, so I’ll be looking to replace it soon.

  • trunkmonkey
    Posted at 05:13h, 21 March

    Will keep these ideas in mind especially storm doors on rear patio. Have one on front JIC, you know. Thank you anyway, Henry and Predator Team.

  • Escape the Wolf
    Posted at 15:05h, 06 May

    Thank you!

  • Rick Winnals
    Posted at 21:46h, 01 December

    I bought door devils for my front and back doors. If they try to get in, I will at least hear them and gain time to prepare for what’s coming.,….