International Travel Security Tips for Women

As we continue to be targeted around the globe, it’s important to be more proactive, more “sheepdog” like. More importantly, women are easy prey to cowardly and weak predators scared of equal or greater adversaries. So, women, please read, comment, and be cautious travelers!

  1. Observe local customs as much as possible and try to learn unintended implications of your personal behavior, mannerisms and dress. For example, smiling, making eye contact or touching males can be misunderstood in some cultures.
  2. Carry your handbag on the side away from the street to avoid grab-and-run attacks.
  3. Stay at reputable hotels and avoid rooms by stairs, end of hallways or terraces.
  4. Choose a room above the ground floor but not higher than the seventh floor for fire safety purposes.
  5. You are at your most vulnerable arriving and departing from your hotel. Don’t linger in the public space around the hotel, the parking lot or indoor garage.
  6. Use a door alarm, carry a whistle and keep a self-defense weapon near your bed (an 8 oz. fishing weight wrapped in a handkerchief makes a great weapon).
  7. Wear clothing that is hard to remove. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and make-up.
  8. Consider wearing a wedding or similar ring, even if you aren’t married.
  9. Remember, assaults can also be at the hands of acquaintances, so choose fixers, interpreters and drivers carefully.
  10. Avoid wearing anything that could be grabbed – jewelry, ponytail, etc.

If you have more tips to add, please comment. When it comes to safety and security, no suggestion is a bad suggestion.

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