Tips to Increase Your Personal Security

These days, security concerns are at an all-time high. At the same time, most people have limited capabilities and don’t know where to turn for reliable resources or education.

Most security tools at the consumer level are designed for the moment of crisis. Learning to prevent and elude crisis is far more valuable. Unfortunately, it’s often ignored.

The ability to detect a crisis and prevent being caught in the middle requires education and proactive security habits. Avoiding a crisis is the best outcome. All members of your family should be should have a personal security capability.

Here are three proactive security habits to get you started:

Projection and Demeanor Management

Targeting or nefarious interest starts with how you and your family project themselves along with their demeanor. You can elude potential adversaries with subtle dress, actions, and mannerism. You can apply this to you, your family, your home, your vehicles, and your online profile.

We want everyone to be a “confident shade of grey”, meaning, blend-in but always prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Create Invisible Thresholds

Staying alert is difficult and frankly exhausting. Start training your brain to create invisible thresholds where crisis is most likely to occur. By doing so, you will find yourself filtering your immediate environment.

Thresholds are invisible lines on the ground, at a doorway, near an intersection or anywhere you feel threats could pass. This process will automatically urge “what if” or “what would I do if” thoughts, which in return is the “action taken” if thresholds are breached.

Socialize With Caution

Our biggest threats are the ones never seen. As the Internet becomes its own lawless country with good, bad, and ugly people roaming about. Threats are lurking around every click. Updates are every day with every app loaded. Insure every time you update you check your privacy and security settings. Re-evaluate your privacy settings regularly, especially Facebook, Twitter, and other geo-locating apps.

Like any good spy, always assume your being watched, listened to, and tracked at all times.

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